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Commercial Finance Lender
The company is increasingly the preferred choice for brokers with larger, more complex commercial transactions who appreciate efficiency, transparency and competitive rates: 

  • Exclusively available through mortgage brokers (no direct access)
  • ‘Sweet spot:’ $500K – $2.5M+
  • 1st and 2nd mortgages (secured via residential & commercial property)
  • From 8.99%p.a. pending risk profile
  • Up to 12-months loan term
  • Maximum LVR 75% (blue chip property)
  • Establishment fee of 2.2% taken from loan facility
  • Commission upon the broker’s discretion
  • Rapid approval and settlement with a sizable funding pipeline from multiple investment funds (not dependent on raising new capital)

Recent deals

$1.35m short-term loan addresses working capital requirement

Client: An established packaging business based in Sydney’s city, NSW
Requirement: $1.7m working capital facility required to upgrade machinery
Response: 3-month 2nd mortgage loan at 70% LVR, backed by the Director’s residential asset
Rate/ exit: Loan serviced monthly at 18%p. a, and was refinanced upon its completion

Commercial financial providers provide you with a plethora of options for supporting business needs that existing cash flow may not support, such as:

  • Recruiting temporary talent
  • Purchasing increased inventory
  • Expanding marketing reach
  • Increasing working capital
  • Financing building purchases

Businesses utilising commercial funding for building spaces often find themselves in a few specific predicaments. The right finance options can assist with:

Property Investments
Investing in property is an important long-term strategy for a ton of companies. This approach has significant benefits for the right firm.

Owner Occupied Building
A commercial loan can help you take advantage of the right lease deal when it comes along.

If you find yourself on the unfavourable end of an existing commercial loan, refinancing may be an option to help you save some money over the life of the loan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lenders take a few factors into account when qualifying a borrower for a short or long term commercial property loan.

  • Business Credit Rating
  • Purpose for loan
  • Proof of Income

Unlike many commercial service providers, Citic Management takes a holistic approach when reviewing your business’ risk profile. As a private lending group, we have the flexibility to provide favourable terms that you will be unable to find at the bank. Whether you have low credit or no credit – Citic Management is willing to review your case for approval.

About Citic Management

Citic Management is a private lending group, supporting Australia’s thriving small business economy through competitive offerings on commercial finance options. The approach we take to lending with competitive rates makes us one of the country’s preferred options for businesses looking to acquire a long-term commercial loan for their real estate investing needs. We provide borrowers with favourable terms in an extremely competitive environment.

To date, our firm has delivered over $30m to businesses via loans against senior debt and mezzanine debt loans. Our unique niche in the market offers fast approvals and settlements for any loan size.

  • Loan amounts between $200k and $30m
  • 3-12-month repayment terms
  • Market rates price from 8.99% p.a for first mortgage rates, 1.2% p.m for second mortgage rates

This question heavily depends on your specific business needs. Those looking to invest in property almost always opt towards utilizing commercial loans to assist them in these purchases. Be sure to consult with a commercial loan servicer such as Citic Management early on in the process to get the best value for your money in your specific market.

We are the country’s premier non-bank commercial lending group concentrating on providing businesses with real estate-funded secured loans. As a private lender, we prioritize our relationships with small businesses as they face challenges on every step of their business journey.

Every commercial loan offer is assessed on a case-by-case basis – whether your business is brand new, has limited revenue or suffers from unsatisfactory credit, we are here to help. Contact an Citic Management Loan Specialist for more information.

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