Short Term Finance Loan from Citic Management

Citic Management is one of Australia’s leading boutique commercial lenders, offering the best short-term loans to businesses with a quick and simple application process. Since 2018, we’ve secured clients’ capital for a range of commercial ventures in the property development niche; helping firms to acquire land, complete affordable housing projects, secure retail space for out of town shopping centres and fulfil industrial property proposals. If you require an instant short-term loan, speak to a member of the Citic Management team today to find out what commercial finance products are available and which would best suit your venture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike traditional banking lenders, Citic Management has the flexibility to quickly process applications and arrange for funding to be accessible within 48 hours of approval. As a private lender, we can offer our clients more scope as our loans are typically secured by real estate. This means that there are wider parameters when taking into account your business age, credit history and revenue. Citic Management may be able to offer you access to short term loans even if you’ve previously had credit applications declined.  

At Citic Management, we specialise in offering short term finance secured by property assets of a value usually between AUD $200,000 to AUD $3,000,000. Loan terms on our short term finance packages are usually up to 12 months but in exceptional circumstances, can run to a maximum of 24 months. When you contact us to discuss your requirements, an Citic Management executive will be able to tell you about our suite of development finance options. You can ask any questions you may have about our caveat finance as well as our first and second mortgage or construction loan options that are available. It could be that a commercial bridging loan is the most appropriate for your situation. The team is highly experienced and will be able to recommend the funding solution best suited to your commercial circumstances. 

The primary difference between these two lending types is the repayment duration. Our short-term loans will typically be settled in 12 months. There can also be a difference in the amount available to borrow. To get more of an idea on the best finance option to drive your business forward, speak to a member of the Citic Management team today. 

Yes. In fact, we have several. You’ll find a number of illustrations detailing how our loans have been used to help Australian businesses to date, including property developers and packaging business on our Commercial Finance page. 

The Citic Management team has multiple years of combined experience and expertise in commercial finance both here in Australia and internationally. This experience allows us to help our clients propel their business ventures forward, securing capital quickly and at competitive rates. A major business objective of Citic Management is to stimulate local growth by supporting Australian small and medium-sized businesses. We offer exclusive short-term loans through our partnerships with select mortgage brokers, giving clients the opportunity to access finance otherwise unavailable on the general market. To find out more about our services and what loan options could benefit your project, contact the team by phone or email. We’ll be happy to help you start your application process for funding today.

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