Discover how Citic Management’s Bridging Finance Can Help You Achieve Your Business Objectives

Citic Management is experienced in securing bridge loans for Australian businesses with excellent terms and fast approval rates. Bridging finance can be the ideal solution to retain a competitive advantage in increasingly crowded commercial markets. The ability to remain agile, to diversify and to be flexible can be essential for financial success when it comes to your business. Obtaining a bridge loan is often a viable option if you need to move quickly and require short term finance to keep a project from stalling. Unlike traditional lenders, Citic Management can provide exclusive access to lenders not available via mainstream avenues. Find out more about how we can support you in driving growth for your commercial venture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bridging finance works by plugging a financial gap between an outgoing of funds required before an influx of cash through a completion, sale or acquisition of longer-term funding. This type of finance is often used by property developers where a project’s success can often be heavily time-sensitive. A developer may have immediate outgoings owed for building and construction materials but may be waiting for finalisation of their commercial real estate loan. In this instance, they may opt to apply for a bridge loan in order to keep their project running to a predefined timeline. 

Depending on your commercial project, a bridge loan could give you quick access to capital in order to remain operational while you wait for the finalisation of longer-term funding. A member of our expert Citic Management team will be able to provide guidance as to whether a bridging loan is best suited to your situation.

At Citic Management, we specialise in providing commercial funding through access to a range of lenders that wouldn’t otherwise be available. This funding comes in a range of forms and includes development finance that can assist property developers through the provision of construction loans, 1st and 2nd mortgage finance options and caveat loans. We also offer access to secured business loans for small businesses in addition to other types of commercial finance. Speak to a member of our executive team today to find out how we can help you drive growth for your business.

Since we began operating in 2018, the Citic Management team has secured in excess of AUD$30 million in capital for Australian businesses. With a wealth of talent on the team, Citic Management can offer expertise in taxation law as well as business, finance and property management. To understand how our loans work in practice, here’s a case study demonstrating a previous arrangement secured for a client: 

Total Loan Amount: AUD$1,800,000

Loan Requirement: Business working capital

Loan Duration: 6 months

Project Summary: An NSW packaging business required a working capital facility. The business has been established for nearly 15 years and specialises in the industrial packaging sector.

Key Terms: Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) = 70%. Interest serviced monthly

Recourse: First registered mortgage security over a residential property in Tennyson Point, NSW. First Ranking General Security Agreement over all the assets and undertakings of the Borrower. Share Mortgage over the Borrower. Directors’ and/or Personal Guarantees of the Borrower.

To find out how Citic Management could help you to fulfil your commercial potential through the acquisition of bridging finance, you can contact us by calling or by email. Get in touch today to discuss arranging a face to face appointment at our Head Office in Sydney’s CBD. Or Apply Now via our online application form.

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