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Citic Management’s secured business loan team was formed with the vision to support Australian business owners looking for funding to take their sole trader operations, partnership or company to new heights.

Business loans secured against property can be great for freeing-up equity trapped in assets owned by a business, where the funds can be reinvested or used for other operational expenses. Get exclusive access to competitive secured commercial loans rates by borrowing against your company’s real estate assets. Some of the reasons our clients apply for a fast-secured business loan include:

  • Boosting cash flow to cover unexpected costs or kickstarting R&D
  • Having additional funds on-hand to invest in marketing for a product launch
  • Purchasing new plant and equipment
  • Secure more inventory to ensure seasonal demand is met
  • Ease the financial burdens due to economic factors, seasonality, or overdue accounts receivables.

A secured business loan could be just what you are looking for in order to raise the capital you need. Perfect for early-stage companies with valuable assets – from covering a funding shortfall to buying new equipment or even financing growth. Rest assured that Citic Management can offer you the best-secured business loan rates if you own property as a company asset. For ultimate flexibility, we also consider personal guarantees on privately owned assets to help you secure the finance you need.

Founded in 2018, Citic Management is a Sydney-based, non-bank lender with a mission to provide Australian Small and Medium Businesses with the best-secured business loans, secured commercial loans, and other alternative funding options. Contact us today and one of our secured business loan professionals on 02 8592 1777.

What is a secured business loan?

A secured business loan enables companies to obtain funds by providing assets owned by the company as collateral against the loan. This type of loan is also commonly known as a secured commercial loan or asset-backed financing. Various lenders will accept different types of collateral (either tangible or intangible assets, with tangible as the preferred asset class) to offer secured loans against property.  Citic Management only lends to businesses who can provide real estate as collateral. Secured business loans can be used for nearly any business purpose.

Secured corporate loans are structured to help finance your business in instances when an unsecured loan is not feasible.

What are the benefits of a secured business loan?
By securing the loan against collateral, the lender can offer more competitive rates and longer terms compared to an unsecured loan, as they are less likely to lose money as a consequence of the borrower failing to maintain their agreed repayments.

These types of loans work well for companies that are unable to acquire financing options via an unsecured loan or want to borrow more than is generally possible through unsecured financing options.

It’s important to note that in the instance the borrower is unable to repay the loan amount, the rights of ownership and the ability to sell the asset will be transferred to the lender and will be used to recover the funds.

What types of collateral can be used to secure against the loan?
As mentioned above, unlike your typical lender, Citic Management requires physical assets owned by a business (such as residential or commercial property) to be used as collateral for a secured business loan. Assets such as inventory, motor vehicles and trade equipment and machinery, will not be considered an accepted form of collateral. Citic Management’s position as a boutique fund manager allows us to act quickly and provides an exceptionally fast timeline from approval to loan disbursement. Similar to a mortgage application, an expert valuation will be required to confirm the value of the assets.

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Do you offer secured business loans for those with bad credit?Short Answer – Yes.
This is how Citic Management is different from your big banks and other lenders – we follow a pragmatic and logical approach to lending in order to help everyday Australian businesses succeed. As such, we are more than happy to speak with businesses who require secured business loans despite a poor credit rating. The big banks tend to overcomplicate the lending process, so we encourage you to give us a call on 02 8592 1777 or Apply Now to get your business loan application started with us today.

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