About Us

Citic Management has an appetite for strategic, creative, growth. We provide wealth opportunities to sophisticated lenders by capitalising on changing market conditions and niche market sectors that are often overlooked by larger fund managers. We focus on high performance returns, risk mitigation and pragmatic exit strategies. The majority of our investments are secured by real property assets.

Citic Management’s approach is, at a minimum, to place investors’ interests on the same elevation as our own. We take a significant position in each Fund issued by the company. In some instances, we assume a first-loss option, transferring risk away from investors and placing their interests ahead of ours.

Our investment methodology is tied closely to our ability to act with speed and flexibility. Although our investment decisions are framed by defined policies and procedures. We are open to a wide aperture of investment options and will draw on in-house and external expertise to ensure each decision is supported by a significant body of knowledge and market experience.


Citic Management’s team comprises executives with complementary business, property, finance, management, and construction skills. The team has substantial acquisition, management and investment experience in Australia and internationally. Operating as a close-knit unit, Citic Management’s executives are primed to assess investments and make decisions quickly and implement them efficiently. 

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