Maximise Business Opportunities with Residential Bridging from Citic Management 

At Citic Management, we specialise in offering financial products to enable business growth and development through commercial property acquisition. With years of experience and expertise among our team, Citic Management can help you propel your goals and achieve your objectives through unique lending arrangements. Whether you require short term finance to complete a project or want to find out more about secured loans for your small business, the Citic Management team is highly specialised in opening up new lending opportunities not typically available through traditional banking lenders. We’re one of Australia’s leading residential bridge loan lenders, offering competitive rates and quick access to funding with high approval rates. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Residential bridging finance provides interim capital to prevent a project from stalling or bottlenecking as a result of a lack of funding. It may be for example that you’re in the process of purchasing commercial premises with planning to convert it into residential dwellings. Long term finance can often take time to secure and in the meantime, you’re running the risk of another developer or investor purchasing the premises. A bridging loan can be acquired more quickly, allowing you to complete on the deal while other financial arrangements are being processed. 

Residential bridging loans are essentially based on a short-term lending arrangement, with the expectation from the lender that capital will be raised through other means in order to provide what’s known as an exit strategy. This alternate capital could be raised through the sale of existing assets or through the acquisition of a longer-term loan. Bridging loans are typically organised for a period of two weeks to one year depending on the agreement. 

The amount you are eligible to borrow will depend on your individual circumstances and the value of the securities you’ll be putting in place to obtain your loan. Citic Management is equipped to lend between AUD$200,000 and AUD$3,000,000 to businesses and you can discuss what you’ll be able to apply for with one of our executive team members when you get in touch. 

As with the amount you can borrow, the interest rate you pay back on your bridging loan will depend on a number of factors including your financial position at the time of the agreement, the loan amount and repayment duration. The Citic Management team will be able to provide a more detailed overview when you contact us. 

As a specialist non-banking lender, Citic Management is your go-to choose for any non-standard lending arrangements. We offer a variety of financial products and our dedicated team consists of highly skilled individuals with experience in areas such as taxation law, finance management and large-scale acquisition. We work as a close unit, ensuring we’re well informed of market opportunities and have the resources in place to act quickly on your behalf to access capital. We pride ourselves on supporting businesses across Australia to drive economic growth and thrive in their respective markets.

If you’re looking for a partner to support your upcoming business venture and would like to talk through your proposals with a member of the team, you can contact us via phone, email or complete our online application form and an Citic Management executive will be in touch. Our head office is based in Sydney’s CBD and you’ll be able to arrange a face to face appointment when you initially contact us.

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