Short Term Fast Caveat Loan from Citic Management

Since 2018, Citic Management has been helping its clients to secure capital for their real estate development projects. Offering a range of financial solutions, our team of executives is equipped with the knowledge, insight and market experience to help you progress with your development ventures. Short term & fast caveat finance can provide you with the agility to act quickly and prevent your project from stalling as a result of cash flow bottlenecks. Our financial solutions have been used to assist developers on projects across the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Whether you’re undertaking an extensive renovation on an existing apartment block, requiring funding for the acquisition of land in view of industrial development or you’re working on a retail proposal, our development loans can give you the cash injection you need to move forward. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A caveat loan is a type of short-term finance that is secured against a physical property asset. This type of loan allows rapid release of funds with a predetermined repayment term. The caveat (security for the lender by way of the property asset the loan is required for), is removed following repayment and the arrangement is effectively complete. 

The total amount you borrow will depend on the individual circumstances of your project but typically our loan ranges from AUD $200,000 to AUD $3,000,000. 

This type of short-term development finance works similarly to second mortgage finance. The benefits of this type of capital are that they generally can move very quickly. Because security is provided by way of the property, there isn’t the need for lengthy checks such as proof of income so funds can be made available as soon as 48 hours following your application.

The finance option most tailored to you will depend on the specific circumstances of your development venture and your current financial position. There may be other packages that better suit your requirements. A member of the team will be able to assess your situation and recommend the most viable funding. 

Citic Management is a boutique, non-banking lender. This enables us to quickly process applications without the same restrictions as you may find when you approach a more traditional lender. We can release funds within 48 hours of application approval, allowing you to proceed with your project. The Citic Management team consists of specialists with a wealth of industry experience in areas such as management, property and taxation law, putting us in a strong position to help you achieve your objectives. We ensure we have the latest market updates and information, allowing us to take advantage of new opportunities and share our knowledge with our clients.

You can contact us by phone or email to discuss your development project and the associated funding options available. We can arrange a face to face appointment at our head office in Central Sydney if you’d like to meet with the team in person. Alternatively, you can apply now!

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